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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. we still believe that prayer changes things. can i get a witness? >> the power of prayer and forgiveness. a historic church in south carolina re-opens after a shooting at a bible class claimed nine lives. hello everyone, i'm katie marzullo. people filled the pews at an historic black church in charleston. it was at the first service since nine members were killed on wednesday. 12 been -- 1200 people filled the church.
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>> the doors of mother emanuel is open on this sunday. it sends a message to eave demon in hell and on earth. >> today's re-opening comes as investigators pouring over what they may believe is deal lean roof's online manifesto. police say roof confessed. miles away the shooting victims and parishioners are close in the hearts and prayers of many here in the bay area. cornell bernard is live with the story. >> reporter: the vigil is happening right now. the third baptist church behind me. prayers for those who lost their lives in charleston. we want to point out that outside there is a police presence by sfpd offering protection although there have been no nets against this church. maybe church members say they're not afraid.
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>> a small prayer vigil inside third baptist church for nine victims of the shooting at charleston's emmanuel ame church. >> reverend amos brown spent time at emanuel church during the '60s civil rights movement says the tragedy has shed light on the ugly face of racism. >> we challenge our people to have the strength to remind america we must do something about this demon race. we must do something about the division in this country. >> reporter: outside the church a san francisco police officer is posted, providing security nor congregation. something the church did not request but is happy to accept. there were songs of praise and oakland's first ame church. this congregation standing united.
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an angry 21-year-old man could close the doors to these churches. >> the reverend was a friend of pastor ask state senator clementa pinckney who died in the massacre. >> he was ad slow cat for what is right -- advocate for what is right for the people of south carolina and the people of this country. >> being a person of faith you have to forgive. >> charlotte williams says she forget the killer, dylann roof, and prays for his family. >> we can't -- i myself cannot hold hoyt tread. >> a bond of courage ask strength from the church family in the wake of something so tragic. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> a priest read the names of six irish students who died and others hurt when a balcony
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collapsed in berkeley. hundreds of people prayed for the victims and their families during a mass at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco today. >> be seeking to -- they are really appreciative of both the police, emergency service the support of the community have been given the irish students and their families here. >> the irish government says the bodies of four victims were flown home yesterday. most of the students were visiting the u.s. on j-1 cultural exchange as. >> mourners paid respects to two of the victims during an emotional service yesterday. ashley donohoe and olivia burke were cousins. relatives say the two were as close as sisters and during yesterday's service at st. joseph catholic church, said the girl's bodies were found in an embrace. >> friends and strangers paid
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repickets. engineers are investigating the cause of the collapse which happened tuesday morning during a 21st birthday party that say water damage may have called called the structure to give way. 13 people were on the balcony when it collapsed, seven are recovering in the hospital. our coverage continues online with updates at and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. also we're on facebook at abc7 news news. new detail oops deadly crash involving a car and a vta light rail train. san jose police says the driver over that saturn made a u turn in front of the train. the train hit the car, killing the unidentified driver. the second person in the car was hurt but is expected to be okay. the train conductor was nose injured, neither were passengers on the train. antioch police are on the case of a suspicious death. a 46-year-old woman died inside 0 happen hon d street after being shot in the chest
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yesterday afternoon. other people living there are cooperating with police. to new details in the hunt for a killer in the east bay after a shooting along highway 4. we were in pittsburg as officers investigated. the victim is now identified as 20-year-old tomas mendez of pittsburg. people called 9-1-1 to report someone in a car fired shots at another vehicle, killing the driver. investigators say he shots cam from a white car possibly a honda. the shooting shut down eastbound lane's of highway 4 at san marco boulevard for six hours. the hunt is heating up for two escaped murderers on the run. police are investigating a fresh lead hundreds of miles away. here's the latest from new york. >> reporter: armed officers, helicopters and traffic stops. >> anything in the back. >> western new york is on lockdown tonight as more than 300 members of law enforcement search for those two escaped killers. richard matt and david sweat.
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>> we'll search under every rock behind every tree until we are confident that area is secure. >> reporter: multiple road blocks are in place as officers investigate recorded sight little. state police, local sheriff and u.s. marshals rolled into the towns saturday afternoon after a woman alerted 9-1-1. >> our investigators interviewed her thoroughly and we determined she was credible. >> the new search area, 400 miles away. all the recent sightings have been near train yards. >> they're riding the rails. >> it's been more than two weeks since the cut and drilled temperature way out of a maximum security prison. now a second prison worker linked to the investigation. >> did you have anything to do with their escape? >> no. but i'm here my open free will. >> reporter: cameras there were as jeanne e gene palmer emerged
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from 14 hours questioning. he has not been charged with any wrongdoing but we learned he is a guard at the clinton correctional facility working on the so-called honor block, where matt and sweat lived. complete with special privileges. >> my client understands the importance of finding these two individuals. >> that idea playing out in real-time, as officers hope the trail doesn't go cold again. abc news dana more, new york. >> backlash over a billboard in central california. >> to be called road kill is disturbing. >> ahead on abc7 news, why a new safety campaign has a mother outraged. but first firefighters -- a look at conditions crews are up against as the battle several wildfires in the state. >> i'm abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. temperatures comfortable, topping out in the 80s in some spot us but the new work week brings back the threat of triple digit heat.
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flames destroyed a home in orinda. four people, including two children, were able to safely get out of the house so that's good news. the fire started in the garage. the cause is not known at this time. in developing news, firefighters are working in sweltering conditions, battling six wildfires across the state. among the largest west of bakersfield, the other in the san bernardino national forest. that fire has charred 2500
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square miles and is 15% contained. flames are threatening 500 structures. nearly 1900 firefighters are working the fire. another fine in madera county has burned three outbuildings. >> it's hard. it's hard. so we're not really sure what we're -- what to expect tomorrow morning. >> the fire near santa margarita has prompted evasion situation of hundreds of poems. two stolen antique guns are now back with their rightful openers. the owners saw pictures of the old black powder rifles on in the thus. police found the firearms with two people they arrested on probation violations in santa rosa. the owners say the guns were taken in a home burglary two weeks ago. ahead today's big deadline in oakland's planned sports complex development. a new obstacle. outside, a bit cool for the start of the summer but that going
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a motherless outrage prompted the change in a message on a billboard in bakersfield. she took fons to the phrase don't be road kill in the campaign to save the lives of cyclist pedestrians. her son died after being by a sheriffs car in 2011. >> i didn't believe they would call people road kill. and i thought about my son and my son is not road kill. >> we are going to chang the ad. we're taking your recommendations to heart and that we are going to do the best we can to accommodate you. >> safety expert says no matter how you phrase it it is everyone's job to look out for everybody else on the road. the financial report is due today from the man who wants to
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invest in a new home for the raiders in oakland. that investor wants to become plan called coliseum city. the raiders support the idea but only if they are the only tenant at the complex. our media partner the bay area news group, reports that could force the athletics back to square one when it comes to them fining a new home. the warriors want to leave oracle arena and move to san francisco. several bay area cities celebrated freedom this weekend. [music] >> we were in berkeley for today's juneteenth event including music, food health screen examination historical exhibits. june teenet was established to honor african-american heritage and the abolishment of slavery in the u.s. >> now over to drew tuma. >> what a gorgeous end to the
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weekend. temperatures today were much cooler compared to yesterday. live doppler 7hd painting a quiet picture. the big story was the cooldown over the past 24 hours. concord, 13 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. favored, 12 degrees cooler, novato, 13, and oakland two degrees cooler than this time yesterday. a gorgeous picture from the san jose camera showing you nothing but blue skies in the south bay and temperaturewise a rather comfortable evening on hand. 60 in san francisco, 66 in oakland, 68 in mountain view. san jose, 70. morgan hill 81. half moon bay, 59. another gorgeous picture from the emeryville camera showing you sun soaked around the bay and temperature you notice we don't have 90s on the board like we had yesterday. santa rosa, 72. same in napa. petaluma, 64. fairfield, 8. concord, 79. livermore, 90s yesterday. right now 80. the live doppler 7hd and satellite will show you we have
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cold front just off the cost and this i going to push east overnight tonight and just to the north. that will keep us cool but building just to the south is another dome of heat, and this warm weather is going to move in for the second half of the week, and it will likely bring triple digits inland opposite again. so highs for monday is a pretty comfortable start tomorrow. half moon bay high of 60. up to 64 in downtown san francisco, sunny east bay. walnut creek 82. antioch, 86. so take antioch, for example, the next seven days comfortable tomorrow. watch as temperatures spike as that hot layer moves in thursday and friday. 101 and 102 respectively. a similar story in the north bay as well. santa rosa pretty comfortable tomorrow, but watch by thursday and friday the peak of the heat in the north bay will be toasty, into the low nines in. soover night tonight clear skies in the north bay.
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47 napa, 52 vallejo. cloud cover along the coast. 54 in fremont overnight. highs for monday, a comfortable sunny day, san jose, 78. 79 for cooper could be cupertino. 7 for palo alto. downtown san francisco, up to 64. 59 for daly city clouds along the coast. 81, santa rosa. 82 calistoga. 68 in sausolito. oakland, 68. the east bay 70, san leandro. 68 in richmond. and tomorrow, in the 80s inland. 85 pittsburg, 81 pleasanton and 88 in brentwood. the accuweather seven-day forecast, mostly sunny tomorrow, turning warmer on tuesday. sunshine on win and then sunny and hot on thursday, calling it a summer sizzler on friday, and next weekend we'll gradually cool off and by this time next
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ff the a's bull pen is one of the worth in the league, and today against the angel it came oh so close to blowing another lead. on father's day in the coliseum.
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steven vogt's dad through out the first pitch. and billy burns singles home sam fold. scott kazmir in the fourth gets help from brett lawry who makes a catch despite tumbling on the bull pen mound. that a's score two more in the sixth. ike davis with the very long rbi single off the wall. ben zobrist scores to make it 3-0 but the bull pen was shaky. the eighth. tyler clifford gives up a two-run homer to pujols. and then in the ninth, clifford is taken high and deep to left but caught at the wall by fuld. the a's win 3-2 and let out 0 huge sigh of relief. >> it's father's day, always neat for me. my dad got throw our the first pitch, we were on a major league
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field together for the first time. a special moment for any son and i got to hold my son on the field on father's day. so special day for me. a little emotional, but obviously a win helps and going into texas it's where we want to be. >> the tigers' bats wore booming at yankee stadium. victor martinez gives detroit the 2 or lead. he had four rbi but j.d. martinez had an even better day three homers. a two-run shot in the first in the fifth long blast to center, and in the sixth, the tribeca with the three-run shot. detroit wins big 12-4, the emptiers drove in continue. >> the final round of the u.s. open began with a four-way tie for the lead. at 4-under par. playing at chambers bay outside taxer. johnson just finished the front
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nine at 6-under. has a two-stroke lead. women's world cup anxious france and south korea, four minutes in, the french get on the board, nice passing. they doubled their lead four minutes later. france wins 3-nil and will now take on germany friday in the quarterfinals. before today practices sill was the only team not allow a goal in this tournament. but australia would finally break through. substitute is there for the rebound. the aussies shock brass sill 1-nil. they'll next play either japan or the netherlands. >> the sabre cats 0 got back in the win column against the las vegas outlaws. the defense came up big. back for the score. 63-31 the final. the sabre cats improve to 11-1.
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right now the giants are trying to complete another sweep of the dodgers. we plan to have highlights at 6:00. if the giants win they take over first place in the west. >> ex-leapt. sticking with the sports theme. how receive fan curry star okay kiddo, are you ready? yes. okay, here it comes chocolate! yeah! what about this one? mmm frosted! alright smarty, i'm gonna getcha
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for the grand prize... fruity and honey nut! yes!! that's not a cheerio! [laughs] no can we play again? yeah! close those eyes.
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coming up at 6:00, how california is dealing with the serious prison problem that sets the state apart from the rest of the nation. a look at the renovations
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made to one of the bay area's great summer hot spots now packed this father's day weekend. join us at 6:00. it is a day to show appreciation to dad and a very famous father made sure to mark the occasion on social media. steph curry posted this picture of him with, guess who daughter riley on instagram and included the message no better blessing than the responsibility of fatherhood, woke up at 6:15 a.m. with two-year-old feet kicking me in my back and i wouldn't have it any other way. well done. while we're talking warriors andre iguodala will be a guest on jimmy kimmel live tomorrow night. you can see iguodala right here after abc7 news at 11:00 tomorrow. good stuff. a very happy father's day to all the dads. thank you for watching. that does it fors here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 6:00. remember you can watch abc7 news and your favorite abc shows online or on demand with watch
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abc and the watch app. welcome to "world news tonight." deadly church shooting. mother emanuel's doors open again for a day of healing and hope. the overflow crowds. the officers on guard. and tonight, that accused killer. did he try to take his own life inside that church basement? flag furor. calls growing louder for the confederate flag to come down. flying at south carolina's capitol. a symbol of slavery, or a piece of history? the debate now stretching all the way to the campaign trail. closing in. the search heating up in the hunt for those two escaped killers. callers reporting possible sightings. >> have a confirmed track of two individuals. need assistance at that location. >> tonight, how they may have managed to get hundreds of miles away from that prison.


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